Why RealRyder?



Brixx Cycle’s parent company is Brixx Fitness. Both exist in the same primary location, but in different sections of the main facility. All members enter the same door ready for the best hour of their day!

Brixx Cycle was born out of the desire to incorporate the importance of strength training and mobility with the fun and challenge of indoor cycling. Our mission is to provide an atmosphere that nudges you toward reaching your full potential every step of the way. We want to teach you what it means to be fit, strong and capable.

This is also why our memberships are not typical. They go way beyond your basic gym/fitness center membership. Here are all the extra goodies included to get you healthy and keep you there!

Monthly memberships include:
-1 Ryder Pass per month – bring a friend to class!
-Inclusion to gym social events, special occasion complimentary rides and other fun happenings!
-Nutrition guidance, personal goal setting, accountability and more.
-Open Gym access is included in 12x/month or more packages – use of free weights, kettlebells, rowing machines, medicine balls, etc.

-Available option for Body Fat, Lean Mass Analysis  & Hydration scan on our InBody 570 and more!

– Available option for Heart Rate Monitoring with our MyZone Heart Rate Monitors which will show your effort, heart rate, and MyZone workout points on the screen live!

Our philosophy can be seen throughout the Brixx Cycle culture:

To go the distance means that you are willing to go above and beyond what is called of you to get it done. What “it” is….is up to you, but you know that big action reeps big rewards. You feel it in every bone – so go out there and get it done!

Leaning into a little resistance makes a muscle grow. What comes of it, is a stronger, healthier, more confident YOU. But what doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you, so we consider resistance to be our BFF!

A practice in persistence takes you beyond what is status quo, and we know you’re not average. There’s no magic bullet. There’s no secret pill. You know that some tenacity and good ol’ fashioned grit carries you through to your goals and visions for your life.

At Brixx Cycle, we want to get you started on the right foot (or pedal!), so you know what to expect as a first-time rider and your experience in class goes smoothly.

Our bikes are called RealRyders and they are designed to simulate road biking by tilting ~20 degrees side to side. The bikes easily stay centered, however they can just as easily maneuver side to side, as if you’re turning a curve or standing and climbing a hill.

It takes about 2-3 classes to get the hang of things and before you know it, you’ll feel like a real pro on the open road (and on a hill or two) and won’t want to be riding any other indoor bike!


  • If you are new and need guidance, your cycle instructor will be right by your side helping with bike set-up and getting you comfortable. This is your ride, so you get to decide how intense you’d like to be as you familiarize yourself with RealRyders! Be sure to arrive for class at least 15-20 minutes early for your first time for guidance in bike setup and a little 101 instruction.
  • Each bike is equipped with toe-cages for regular workout shoes. The flatter and harder the sole, the better. The reverse side of the pedal is fitted for SPD clips on cycling shoes.
  • We have towels available along with water for sale at the front desk. There are private changing rooms along with cubbies to store your belongings, as well.
  • Please refrain from wearing street shoes in the cycling arena, especially during wet and snowy months! (bring a clean pair for cycling or have a pair of cycle shoes which will make your ride all the better) Thank you!