Dawn Cone

Owner/Head Coach

Personal Accomplishments:

1st Place Master’s Div. CrossFit Competition – Bend the Bar #6 2014
4th Place in Figure, Body Building Competition Nov 2009
2nd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo 2007

Dawn is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys challenging herself and others to meet and exceed their personal fitness & health goals. After having gone through quite the physical transformation herself from Nov 2008-Nov 2009, she came to realize her dream in the fitness industry. She obtained her personal training certification after competing in a Figure, Body Building competition in Nov 2009. She worked as a personal trainer from early 2010 until learning about the CrossFit methodology and it’s overwhelming positive effect on the athlete. She decided to shift her focus to CrossFit completely in 2012. Desiring to share her knowledge and positive spirit with others, Dawn’s focus remains on the development and growth of her athletes. She loves to train everyone from the person who is brand new walking in the door who is about to realize so many things they couldn’t do only weeks later… to the seasoned athlete looking to take their fitness to higher levels. “There’s a place in my heart that’s pretty special for the one who is looking for a transformation. Though equally I am passionate about helping all athletes and truly get excited every time someone reaches another personal record!”

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Holder Since 2012

CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certificate Holder since 2013

CrossFit Mobility Certificate Holder Jan 2015

CrossFit Endurance Certificate Holder March 2015

CrossFit Judges Certificate Holder 2013, 2014, & 2015

JumpNrope Double Under Seminar

Former WITS certified Personal Trainer (Expired 2013)