Jay Lavina


Jay started CrossFit during his deployment in 2011 (not realizing he was doing CrossFit). He’s been athletic throughout his life, playing basketball and volleyball in High School. After coming back from his deployment, he immediately researched and pursued to find a CrossFit community to increase his overall techniques and movements, and to gain a better perspective of the CrossFit methodology.

Joining his first gym (CrossFit Unparalleled!!!) after coming back home from deployment, he quickly became engulfed in the CrossFit community. Jay pursued his CrossFit Level One Trainer in 2014. Since becoming a CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Unparalleled and knowing how CrossFit has personally changed his overall fitness and lifestyle, he wants to give back time to motivate, challenge, and inspire those who make sacrifices to better themselves as athletes and individuals. With the knowledge and experiences he’s gained through his CrossFit journey, he has become a great mentor and trainer to help get others on track and reach their goals as they move forward to a healthier life.

Level 1 Certificate Holder (CF-L1)

CrossFit Mobility Certificate Holder

CrossFit Judges Cert