Rodney Watzlavick


Born and raised in Chesapeake, I now live in Virginia Beach with my wife Ashley and my son Zane. I began my journey into CrossFit in early 2010 to get into shape for our upcoming wedding. At the time I was pretty overweight and out of shape. Years of fast food, soda, and very little physical activity had taken its toll on me. I cleaned up my diet, consistently attended classes and worked as hard as I could. Two months later I was down over 50 pounds and felt amazing. Needless to say, CrossFit saved me from what would have been a very unhealthy future. Fast forward several years later and I’m still at it, only now it’s about much more than myself. I still enjoy getting sweaty with my CrossFit family, but what I absolutely love is seeing people achieve their goals and improve themselves beyond what they think they are capable of – not only physically, but mentally too. It’s pretty amazing to watch a new athlete grow out of their previous comfort zone, and become a confident and competent monster in the box.